Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter is Here

For all of my followers that are not in NJ, winter has arrived. We had our first snowfall on Saturday, the 5th. It was rainy and then turned to big wet snowflakes. Having moved here not too long ago from Florida, my blood is still thin and I can't tolerate the cold as well as people that have been here all of their lives and driving in the snow is not very fun for me.

I would have loved to be home, curled up with a book that day, but I was at a craft fair at Bridgewater Middleschool.

The weather kept a lot of the customers away from the craft fair and there were a lot of great crafters there that put in a lot of hard work to prepare for the show. The upside was that the craft fair was run very well, the band parents ran it and I was impressed with how organized they were. Anyone who has done a craft fair will appreciate this. When I pulled up to the front of the school, they told me what my table number was, helped me unload my car and held my boxes on the side while I parked my car. They had a lunch menu in the packet that they gave us and came around to pick up our lunch orders around 11am, then delivered our lunchs to us so we didn't have to leave our tables. Any problems, they had people walking around to help and they had students walking around selling water, so we didn't have to leave our tables. It was a very pleasant experience. And, even with a less than robust amount of buyers and an over abundance of jewelry sellers, I still made a profit. Hopefully they will have a craft fair again next year, if they do, I'm in.

My next craft fair is this Saturday, the 12th, at Hope Hose Humane Company #1 in Bordentown and I am looking forward to it. There will be several Etsy NJ sellers there, who I am looking forward to meeting, and promises to be a good show. I hope to see you there, and remember to tell me you are a reader of my blog so I can give you a 10% discount on your purchases.

If you can't get out to the craft shows you can shop at my Etsy store at Remember that I can custom make jewelry to fit your needs. If you don't see it on Etsy please let me know and I will make it for you.

The 12th will be my last craft show for the season, then I'll be able to start my baking and wrapping and all the other holiday preparations. I am really looking forward to Christmas.

I hope you are enjoying the season, keeping the stress low and getting to spend time with your families.

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