Friday, July 4, 2014

Flower Power or Spring Fling

Many of the styles that I see lately remind me of the sixties, the pallazzo pants, the knit sweaters, tie dye everything, it's all so retro.  So to get into the spirit of the retro look I made these laser cut flower
earrings.  They evoke the feeling of spring with flowers everywhere but they also fit into the flower power category.  I mean really, just look at them, the frame is the shape of a flower and then inside the frame are lots more flowers.

I think these earrings would be great with a simple white shirt and blue jeans, but wear them with a tie dye t-shirt and a denim skirt and you have a time warp into the 60's.

There are only one pair of these earrings and you can see more pictures in my Etsy store.

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