Sunday, March 18, 2012

Challenge Week 43

This week I made two pieces of jewelry, both earrings.  I was so thrilled about the way the first pair came out that I made the second pair.  I have to give credit to my sisters, Roberta and Jane, and niece Heather, because they helped pick out the crystal colors that I used. 

The settings that I used are 12mm antiqued copper; I was going for a vintage look, and had the Swarovski Rivoli crystals to use in the settings. In the first pair I used a color called Volcano, the best description of the color is rust.  However , when the light hits it there are hints of purple.  It’s a beautiful stone and goes perfectly with the copper setting.

In the second pair of earrings I used a stone called Chrysolite, which doesn’t really describe the color at all.  To me it’s more of a light peridot and it makes the copper stand out. The vintage effect is stunning.  Both earrings have copper ear wires to finish off the vintage look.

The earring length for both pair is one and one half inch.

I usually don’t talk prices here in my blog because I like to feature the jewelry on its own as a piece of art. Today I am going to make an exception and tell you that each pair of earrings cost $25 in my store.  I’ve been told that that is a high price for a pair of earrings.  One day I was at the mall and went into the Swarovski store to check out the competition. They had a pair of earrings with a Rivoli stone in it – they don’t call it a Rivoli, I think that is just what bead sellers call it.  Anyway, the earring that I saw, which was just a plain earring, cost $120 and with an extra extension to make the earring longer it cost $160.  So when you compare my hand made earrings to similar factory made earrings, I think that mine are more than a fair price. Plus, most of mine are unique combinations of stone and metal.

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Have a great week and I’ll see you back here next weekend.

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