Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fan Fabulous for Jan 2015

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a great holiday season and that your New Year will be happy and healthy.

Recently someone asked me if jewelry making was difficult.  I said no, I really enjoy making jewelry.  She asked “What is it that you enjoy about it?” I said “When I’m making jewelry I feel relaxed, I forget any problems and just spend the time creating beautiful pieces of jewelry that others may enjoy”.  The last question really had an impact on how I’m going to do some things this year, she asked “What is your favorite part of making jewelry?” and I said “Creating custom made jewelry  I also learn something new with each custom piece that I make, and that’s a new way to look at a design.  An example is, one of my customers liked a long necklace that I have in my shop, but she wanted it in black and copper rather than silver with turquoise beads, and for the focal point of the necklace she wanted feathers. I had to take myself out of the traditional way of thinking of silver or gold as the metal and find a different chain and beads.  I also ended up using feathers made from copper.  It was a great learning experience and the customer got exactly what she wanted.
for people because I’m not guessing what people will be attracted to in my shop, I’m actually making a piece that someone wants, has created in their mind, and I’m bringing it to life.

This year, once a month, I’m going to give you the opportunity to help me design a piece of jewelry.  Comments can be posted on my Facebook, Twitter and blog pages and I will incorporate some or all of the suggestions received into the jewelry and post it in the newsletter and blog the next month. I will post pictures of the materials that I have for an idea for either earrings, a bracelet or necklace and you can comment on any changes you think that would make the jewelry into a piece that you would consider wearing.  After I post the new piece in the newsletter and my blog it will be put in my Etsy store under the category of Fan Fabulous, for the Fabulous jewelry that fans helped me design.

I’m excited to see what you come up with.  So, here’s the first Fan Fabulous challenge…

Fan Fabulous Challenge

The two photos here show an earring design with 2 different options, I thought a stamp design around  Feel free to make suggestions on changing the color of the beads if you would like beads or anything else, you don’t have to stick to only the items here but please stay with the basic circle and earring structure. Note that the circle is 1 and one quarter inches across, so about the size of a silver dollar.
the circle would be nice and included 2 different stamps that I think would look good.

Next month I will publish the finished earrings and will post another Fan
Fabulous design challenge.  Also in next month’s newsletter the 2015 Color of The Year.

Since this is getting so long I will close here. 

Until next time, stay warm.


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