Saturday, May 14, 2011

Challenge Week 14

This week I made 3 items from the beads that I bought in NYC, just got on a roll and couldn't stop. I made a necklace and 2 pair of earrings to share with you.

This necklace is called Charred Apple because it's inspired by the big apple.  It is made with thunder polished glass crystal roundel beads in red  and black (char) and antiqued silver spacer beads. It measures 17 inches long and has a toggle clasp closure.

The picture doesn't really do it justice because the beads have such a beautiful sparkle. They are 8 x 6 mm and I'm crazy about them.  I made myself a bracelet with the same beads in the same pattern. I have a suit that needs a little sparkle and this red is the perfect color to go with the suit.

Charred Apple earrings

Red Hot Apple earrings
  In addition to the necklace I made 2 pair of earrings. They both can be worn with the necklace, it's a matter of which you prefer and the outfit you are wearing at the time. I made earrings that have 2 black beads too. So you have lots of choices.

Have a great week - see you next time!

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