Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chalenge Week 15

People watching is a great way to pass the time for me. I like to look at how people dress, interact, carry themselves; it is very interesting thing to do. Lately, with my 2 hour commute to work and an hour walking on my lunch hour, exploring NY, then the 2 hour commute home, I get to do a lot of people watching. There is one thing that stood out in all this people watching and that is that people in NY wear black a lot. I had a seat on the subway one day, most days that is an impossibility, and looked out into all the people standing in front of me.  I saw that every single person had on black pants.  Once in a while I see a black skirt and on Fridays the black pants are replaced with jeans. I may be crazy, but that is amazing to me.  People of New York there are other colors you know.

For Week 15 of my challenge I made a pair of Monochromatic Earrings. They are black onyx beads, 12 x 8mm with antiqued corrugated silver beads, on silver french hooks. The earrings are 1 and 1/2 inches long.  Including this week, three weeks in a row of my challenge have included black, EEK is all of my time in NY influencing me! You can see more of my jewelry by clicking here.

In the next few months I am going to start a series of articles in my newsletter about the meanings of precious stones and what the beliefs are about their properties. I learned that it is believed that onyx heals grief.  The newsletter comes out the first week of each month and if you would like to learn more you can sign up on my website. I only use your email address, I never give it/sell it to anyone else. Sign up at McLachlan Design Studio, there is a box at the bottom of the page to enter your email address.

Thanks for stopping by; it would be great if you left a comment, just to let me know someone out there is reading. Tracy from the Tote Trove has been good about leaving comments, thanks Tracy.  You should check out her bags, they are so cute and colorful. Here is a link to her site

See you next week!


  1. I've always heard the stereotype about people in New York wearing a lot of black, but I never knew if it was true, especially because I've also heard that city folk like to wear lots of eccentric clothing, which to me equals color. So, I found your observations to be interesting, right down to the parts about the frequency of pants vs. skirts vs. jeans. That's funny what you said about your time in New York influencing you to create more black pieces. But it works out, as black seems to be what shoppers want.

    Also, thanks for the shout-out and the link to my Etsy site. Very kind of you!

  2. It's so true about NYC and black for business! It's great you have found ways to inspire yourself during all that commuting time!

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies. Once in a while I do see an outrageous outfit. One day I saw a woman who was dressed like Sailor Moon meets Raggedy Ann. Too bad it wasn't Halloween :-))

  4. hi denise- wow - u are certainly a commuter now! at least on the train you get to read and dream up new designs for your jewels!..interesting stuff about the NYC black attire...I love people watching too..
    i guess you are not exhibiting at the junebugfest in metuchen. but if u can stop by one friday, its from 6-10 every friday on main st, metuchen...i'll be there unless it rains..hope its nice thou!