Saturday, June 25, 2011

Challenge Week 20

Hi and welcome to Jewelry Challenge Week 20. The Swarovski 12 mm Rivoli crystals are among my favorites when it comes to making jewelry. They come in all different colors and I'm slowly building my stock with them. Just out of curiosity I went into the Swarovski store one day and saw similar earrings there, they don't call the stone a Rivoli but it looks the same. Anyway, when I saw that they were charging well over $100 for the earrings I was very happy that I make my own.

This week I made a pair of earrings with Rivoli crystals called Vitral Light.  This stone is so beautiful because it seems to change color as it moves and different light sources hit it.  As I look at it I see pink, light purple, green, blue and clear and you get the idea. I put them in a plain setting to highlight the stone. A more decorative setting would take away from the beauty of the stone. These earrings can be worn with just about any outfit because of the multitude of colors reflected in the stone. They hang from french hooks and are about 1 1/4 inches long.

This week I also made a pair of earrings with Swarovski Rivoli crystals in a jet black hematite color. Check them out on my website.

Have a great week and come back next Saturday to see another post.

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