Monday, January 2, 2012

Challenge Week 35

Happy New Year!  I hope the New Year brings you much peace, happiness, health and prosperity. 

For the challenge this week I got out my bead stash and decided to use some of the beads that I have been thinking about for a while.  I bought these rectangular shell beads a couple of months ago along with the leaf charms intending to make “something” with them.  The idea floating around in my head was either a necklace or some earrings.  When I put the beads on my bead board the necklace just seemed to fall into place.  I didn’t have to change it around, the way I placed the beads the first time is the necklace that is shown in the picture. That doesn't happen often.

Sometimes I struggle with a project, switching the beads around or adding or taking away beads, but this one was there the first time and the thing is I like it very much, I hope you do too.  The rectangles are mother of pearl, the pearls are glass beads, the leaves and the clasp are antiqued silver. The necklace is 18 inches long and drapes nicely when hanging.  The clasp is called “Del sol” and finishes off the necklace with flair.

This piece will be on my website within the next few days.  I will also be adding many pieces of jewelry to my website in the month of January.  Since my stock was depleted during the holidays my goal is to put a total of 30 new pieces up there, so check often.

Here is my web address stop by and see if there is anything you want.

Have a great weekend!

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