Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Challenge Week 37

Yes, I’m late in submitting my challenge this week; I had family obligations that needed my full attention.  As I promised I have jewelry for Valentine’s Day this week.  I started with some wooden beads that I bought recently and wanted to use for the challenge. Then I thought “Is there a famous couple that I can use for my challenge this week?”

The hemp cord along with the wooden beads led me to Tarzan, vines and trees – get it. So I decided to use Tarzan and Jane for my Valentine couple for this challenge. I like the new macramé bracelets and made a his-and-hers set.

Tarzan’s of course is the wooden beads and hemp cord and for Jane’s I used glass beads that are robin egg blue with a black design on them and again hemp cord. I used the pretty blue beads for Jane to highlight her cultured background but continued the vine theme in her bracelet by using the hemp. Tarzan’s bracelet is about 7 ¼ “ at the smallest size and expands to 9 inches.  Jane’s bracelet at the smallest size is 6 ¼” and expands to 8 inches.

I hope you enjoyed the challenge this week and that you will come back for my next challenge.

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